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Some members of our community are currently playing a weekly campaign, entirely written by Ifritborn. We are always looking to expand our groups with additional Dungeon Masters and players alike. With powerful tools such as World Anvil, Roll20 and DnDBeyond, players that are hundreds of miles apart have been able to play D&D as if they are sitting across from each other. 
If you are interested in joining our D&D group come say hi.
We play lots of other games too, so feel free to join in on the fun!

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Wednesdays at 8:30pm EST


Our Campaign

Welcome to Harrisonia! This continent is ruled by four major kingdoms: The kingdom of Dwarves ruled by the Red Dragon, Kingdom of Elves ruled by the Green Dragon, and the Kingdom of death ruled by the Black Dragon. For the last several hundred years the rule of these great wyrms has been contested by the kingdom of men and their anti magic technologies. The Dragons are mortal enemies unable to break the balance of power for centuries and only united in their hatred for man and their desire to escape the dominion of Bahamut. Each Dragon has lived for millennia and are quite capable of waiting out the lords of men with their insignificant life spans, but this kingdom has managed to maintain and grow its strength over the last few centuries to a point it threatens the very balance of power that keeps the land from plunging into bloody war. The final stage is set, there are items of great power that can tip the scales in the favor of who ever so uses them to their advantage. This is the tale of the fate of those items, their impact on who holds power, and the heroes who would save the world... or destroy it!

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