D&D campaign short

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The Battle of Dragons took place on the continent of Harrisonia a brutal long war. Over the course of a millennia three ancient dragons struggled for supremacy and to free themselves from the influence of the dragon gods themselves! Many stories can be told of the heroes and villains that sought to use the opportunity of war and the security of trade to gain their own power and influence.

This story finds an unusual group coming together to save the world as they know it. We have a barbarian strong man raised in the traveling circus of the world, A nimble air bender seeking to learn about his past and his people, a warlock who has been freed of the oppression of his native land, a rogue who has set his sights on power and fortune, and others who fought in the great war.

Each has a tie, a thread to follow that seems to lead back to the carnival. A mysterious leader, Draven Mihawk, has inherited the mantle of ringmaster and gives homes to many who would wander or without a home, at his own risk. And the trappings of true power are gradually coming awake in the wider world. The struggle begins with finding the first key and deciding which of the four great powers to side with and wage war!

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