Ember Forge 1.16 Launch Newsletter

People of Ember Forge!

Join us today, July 4th, in voting for our new seed for the server! Voting for the server seed takes place from 12AM-4PM EST Saturday, July 4th. The server launch event is set to take off on Sunday, July 5th! Join us at 12PM EST for fun and games and be involved in the choosing of our realm seed. Win prizes for attending the event and participating in the Hangman Scavenger Hunt. Explore the epic new spawn, built over the course of weeks! Get to know the mods and embed yourself in the community as we ring in 1.16 together!

Also starting July 5th, we will begin accepting donations on the Ember Forge website (www.emberforge.org/donate)! The donations will allow us to keep the server going as long as possible and allow us to make improvements to our quality of life on the server and around the community. Not only that, but donations will allow the Ember Forge community to continue expanding all over the world and through a larger variety of games.

Many thanks go out to all of the moderators and players that have been a part of Ember Forge. This community would not be what it is without you guys!

- s0cial_outc4st

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