Greyfriars and minecraft

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I played Minecraft back in college (5 or 6 years ago), but never really kept up with it. Due to some life-circumstances, I found myself returning to the game with a newfound fervour. As time progresses and you move on with your life, it’s common to find yourself drifting from your friends or previous groups (I’m sure many of us can relate). It was during this lonely period that I decided to branch out and look for a server and some like-minded players to join. I probably spent a couple of weeks trying out different servers and never really came across a good fit -- that is until I stumbled upon Ember Forge. To this day, I’ve never been part of a more welcoming, encouraging, creative group of gamers.

I’ve been a part of Ember Forge for about a year now (give or take a few months) and, I must say, it’s a total blast. On our previous realm I got to work alongside some brilliant builders in our community and I can’t wait to start up the fresh world in 1.16 and get building with them again. I’ve learned so much about this game over the last year from this community, and doubtless will learn loads more.

Ember Forge is a really great place to explore your creative side, challenge your mindset and your skills, as well as explore the community beyond Minecraft. I look forward to teaching and learning from all our community members (old and new).

Welcome to Ember Forge.

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