What is Ember Forge?

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Ember Forge is a community of creative minds that love to play Minecraft and other games. We are here to enjoy building and cooperating with each other, supporting a community of content creation, and sharing our passion for computer based projects.

Ember Forge came together in 2019 inviting players onto a Minecraft realm to experience a new update that had just been released that added so much to the game, the underwater update. Playing together we encountered many problems along the way that we had to overcome. Whether it was building our first guardian farm and having to clear out massive amounts of underwater temple, or working for endless hours on the various buildings in our Japanese Village we came together to produce some amazing builds.

Expanding creativity through cooperation.” -CrookedKaptain

We come together for events and cooperative builds, we have an active economy of players and projects that need help with everything from gathering resources to digging holes, to constructing shops and town centers that the community can enjoy together.

More than Minecraft!

We have recently begun playing other cooperative games as well as started the process of building out our presence to produce content for various media platforms. We currently also play games like Terraria, Don't Starve Together, Dungeons and Dragons, and are open to expanding that list as we develop our community!

Ember Forge is a place where you can get together with other players, share the work that you have done, and get input and feedback if desired on your builds and mechanisms. Our community is 18+ only, we have a strict enforcement of our rules, and we welcome those who would build and grow with us!


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