Realm Rules

Community Guidelines:

#1 This is an 18+ community. We are all adults and should act as such.  

#2 No theft or griefing. 

#3 Be respectful. Members must participate in monthly town hall discussions or events to maintain “Active” status.

#5 Inactive members will be asked to reapply. 

Getting Started:

#1 Personal builds are encouraged.

#2 Community builds will be in the area around the hotel.

#3 All members get their first plot free, 10x10 = 1 plot.

#4 You get a free plot in the Market District as well. Additional plots are taxed to fund community projects.

#5 If you want to build far from the central area make sure you pay into the community fund 10 diamonds.



(used to pay for services to better the community space)

#1 Taxes are paid in diamonds.

#2 No taxes for your first plot. Additional plots are 1 diamond per month.

#3 Taxes are due at the beginning of the month.

#4 Taxes can be paid in advance.

#5 For large builds 1000 blocks away from the central area there is a one time tax of 10 diamonds and no monthly dues.

#6 Everyone pays taxes.

#7 Patreon members and sponsored members qualify for tax exemption.  



#1 Community projects are for the betterment of everyone. Eg: farms of various kinds, beauitfication projects, terascaping, automation and redstone, etc...

#2 Everyone gets a vote on projects. Once a project is decided on and a price is set, a notice will go up in the market place.

#3 Materials will be purchased from shops in the market place and used to complete the project.

#4 Who ever does the labor will recieve payment for their services.



#1 Economy is diamond based. Shops will put price per # of stacks. Eg: I'm selling birch wood planks, the sign would read "4 stacks = 1 diamond" or some version there of.

#2 Shops will be located in the Market District only. Everyone starts with a market plot and a base plot.

#3 Shop buildings can be any design within their plots and additional plots are available for larger builds and expansions.

#4 Services for sale are encouraged.

Those who break the rules will be banned.