Ember Forge Minecraft Rules

The following rules are accepted by every player on the server:

Community Guidelines

  1. All members must be 18+ years old

  2. No griefing

  3. No theft

  4. No PvP without consent from both parties

    • Duels have to have predetermined rules for item loss.

  5. No item duplication

  6. No exploiting glitches

  7. Be respectful

  8. Members must participate in monthly town hall discussions to maintain “Active” status.

Economy Rules

  1. To build a shop in the market you have to buy a plot of land

    • 10 x 10  or 100 block area = 1 Diamond block.

  2. The plot profits go towards the community fund.

    • Used to fund community projects and as prizes for events/competitions.

  3. Community projects in the market district must be approved by moderators.

  4. Personal builds prohibited in the market district.

  5. Shops can only be located in the town market.

Community Projects

  1. Projects can be proposed by any member

    • Proposal requirements

      • Build idea/theme

      • Location

      • Project Leader

  2. Project leader will keep track of amount of help given by each participant and proportional payment will be distributed.

  3. Project leader will be given a rank promotion on completion of community project.

  4. Funding for projects will come out of community fund.


  1. Any donor member may form a clan.

  2. Clan must be established and have at least 2 members to be verified.

  3. For a build to be considered clan property, the clan banner must be visible on the build.

  4. All members are only allowed to be in one clan at any time.

  5. Clan leaders can set rules to be followed while on clan property.

    • Rules can not conflict with EF server rules.

    • Custom PvP rules allowed at clan bases.

  6. All clans must have an info board or mailbox somewhere accessible.

Temporary and permanent bans will be issued to players who break rules. The type of ban and ban period will be set according to the rule broken.